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As you can imagine, preserving Victorian buildings and heritage is far from simple, and can be very expensive. The harsh Pennine weather takes its toll, and so there is a never-ending need for painting and other general maintenance.
Therefore as well as raising capital for the headline projects involving restoration and
repair we are always looking for support to
help fund ongoing and running costs.
All donations, no matter how small, are always gratefully received.
                                    If you could like to send a donation by post please make a cheque or postal order to 'The Settle and Carlisle Railway Trust' and post it to:
If you would like to consider this option, please contact theTrust please using the link below:
Donating by post:
Leaving a Legacy or Covenant:
Work begins at
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Registered Charity No 702724
Settle & Carlisle Railway Trust, (Donations), Kirkby Stephen Station, Ash Fell Road,
Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4LE (If you are eligible for Gift Aid please write 'gift aid' and your
name and sign the back of the cheque/postal order - thankyou).
If you would like to down load our latest leaflet which
includes a donations section to complete and send,
please click on the button to the right:
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