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Through the first half of the 20th century the Settle & Carlisle Railway progressively lost out to the East and West Coast routes to Scotland.
As a result the line came under threat of closure from the 1960s
onwards, culminating in the legendary six year fight against closure
from 1983 to 1989.
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The Settle - Carlisle Line
Ironically however, by being under threat of closure, the sweep of
modernisation that affected many other parts of the UK rail network
by-passed the line.

As a result the Settle & Carlisle Railway is the most complete piece
of Victorian railway engineering in the UK, and is therefore in railway
engineering and architecture terms a priceless gem.
The importance of the built heritage of the Settle
& Carlisle was recognised by the Minister for
Transport, at the time consent for closure was
refused. The Minister proposed the establishment
of a charitable trust, to assist with the restoration
of buildings and structures on the line. The Settle
& Carlisle Railway Trust was established by Trust
Deed on 14th March 1990 and is registered with
the Charity Commission (No 702724).
Geographically the Trustís activities cover the line from Carlisle to Settle Junction; Settle Junction
via Hellifield to Leeds and Hellifield South Junction to Blackburn. However, for the foreseeable
future, the Trust will focus on the route from Hellifield to Carlisle due to the wealth of historic and
architecturally important elements that are contained on this section of route. This also aligns
with the boundaries of the Settle & Carlisle Railway Conservation Area.
Ribblehead station after restoration
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